Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The final version of the per-submission draft plan is now completed.

The next steps are as follows:-

  • Submitted to the Parish Council for validation
  • Prepare for a Regulation 14 consultation

This is not a simple voting procedure, but a formal consultation seeking written comments on any aspect of the NP. We have to engage with all stakeholders to include employers and some statutory bodies. We will have to review all comments and adjust the NP if necessary.

Due to the pandemic we are unable to hold a physical public consultation. We are therefore preparing a similar process to the second public consultation, namely a leaflet to be distributed to all residents containing a summary of the key points of the pre-submission NP.  The inspector will want to see this evidence.

The full draft will be available on our website, but this time we may see a number of queries since we are asking for comments rather than a vote. For those residents who don’t have access to a computer then we will print in advance 20 copies to distribute. 

The next Ranskill Life will be issued early to mid November and we intend to circulate the leaflet with this issue. This formal consultation has to be over a period of 6 weeks. Due to Christmas we will extend the period from mid November to mid January.

  • Launch Regulation 14 consultation

Commence mid November and review all comments by mid February and incorporate in the NP if necessary.

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

A screening will be carried out by BDC to determine if a SEA is required for the new development. This will take place during the Reg 14 consultation. If a report is required we may need to appoint AECOM to provide this document, which is submitted to Historic England, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

This could delay final publication for a few weeks.

  • Consultation Statement

To be written by the steering group to outline our actions in our consultations and the whole process

  • Regulation 15 Submission

Submit the final document to BDC for a consultative period of 6 weeks, following Helen adding consultation statements.

  • Submission to an Examiner

Formal approval of our documents

  • Village Referendum

This is the final consultation where the village votes to accept the NP.

This whole process is likely to last until June/July 2021.