Now that the results of the public consultation held throughout July 2021 are known the Neighbourhood Plan will be updated and the following process will commence. 

  • Regulation 14 Consultation (Pre-Submission Draft NP). 
    • Agree a 6 week (minimum) consultation period
    • BDC will contact statutory bodies within this period to obtain their comments
    • PC/SG: publish the draft NP on our website and invite comments
    • SurveyMonkey: encourage residents to respond to each of our policies using an online survey tool
    • SEA / HRA: BDC to produce Screening Assessment of Draft NP and undertake consultation with statutory bodies (Environment Agency, Historic England, and Natural England).
  • Preparation of Submission NP. 
    • PC/SG consider all of the comments received during the consultation and decide if and how to amend NP in response.
    • HM to produce accompanying Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement.
  • Regulation 15 (Formal submission): 
    • PC agree the NP and submit it to BDC.
  • Regulation16 Consultation (Submission NP): 
    • BDC undertake six week (minimum) consultation with the public and statutory bodies to inform the examination.
  • Examination: 
    • BDC appoint an independent examiner (with assistance from PC / SG).
    • Independent examiner assesses the NP by written reps. Additional questions may be posed to BDC or the PC / SG, as required.
    • Examination Report published, identifying any modifications required.
  • Approval of Examination Report by BDC Full Council (pending timetable of meetings)
    • Enabling modifications to be made and a referendum to be scheduled.
  • Referendum. 

SG = Steering Group

HM = Helen Metcalfe

BDC = Bassetlaw District Council

PC= Parish Council